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The sounds of the iconic 1980 Oberheim DMX Drum Machine sampled meticulously for you to use in your projects.


My goal was to create the most authentic experience of the range of sounds that come out of the original hardware unit. 


Each sound was recorded at 14 different tunings which was achieved by moving the pitch wheels inside of the DMX in small increments. (A very tedious process, but well worth the effort!)


The result... 238 individual 24bit/44.1kHz WAV files ready to load into your favourite DAW or Hardware Sampler.


As a bonus, I have included a free Ableton Drum Rack containing Macros to switch between the different sample tunings. (Must have at least Live 10.1.43 Suite)


A clean signal path was used to ensure the original sound of the unit was preserved.


1. Direct Outputs of the DMX

2. Avalon U5 Direct Box

3. Universal Audio Apollo 16

4. Protools Studio 24bit/44.kHz 


The individual samples were Normalised to -6db to allow headroom when you add your own processing.


Complete list of sounds: 


Kick x 14

Snare x14

Hi Hat (Closed x 14, Accent x 14, Open x 14)

Clap x14

Tom 1 (Hi x 14, Med x 14, Low x 14)

Tom 2 (Hi x 14, Med x 14, Low x 14)

Crash x 14

Ride x 14

Rim x 14

Shaker x14

Tambourine x14


Oberheim DMX Factory Sounds

SKU: 400001
$15.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price
    • 238 Samples @ 24bit 44.1kHz WAV
    • 14 tunings of each instrument
    • Free Ableton Drum Rack (minimum requirement - Live Suite 10.1.43)
    • 16 Mb Download

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