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50 brand new patches for your Arturia MiniFreak V Plugin and MiniFreak Hardware Synth.


(You must own the MiniFreak V plugin to use this Sound Bank)


Covering Basses, Leads, Pads, Poly Synths & SFX


In similar fashion to my free "LM Vintage Keys" Bank, these patches draw inspiration from the Vintage Synths in my studio and harness the felxibility and power of the MiniFreak's various sound engines.


Check out the video demonstration here


Patch List:


Basses (LM Bass 01 - LM Bass 10)

Leads (LM Lead 01 - LM Lead 10)

Pads (LM Pad 01 - LM Pad 10)

Polysynths (LM Poly 01 - LM Poly 10)

SFX (LM SFX 01 - LM SFX 10)


After purchase, you will receive a download link to a Zip File.


1. Unzip the file using your PC or Mac Zip Utility

2. Open MiniFreak V and select "import..." from the sidebar menu

3. Locate your unzipped sound bank file and open

4. Vintage Keys Deluxe will now appear in the "Sound Banks" section of the MiniFreak V Browser

Arturia MiniFreak "Vintage Keys Deluxe" Sound Bank

SKU: 400003
$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Arturia MiniFreak V software

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